Top 10 plays from Week 9 of 2023 USFL season

Top 10 plays from Week 9 of 2023 USFL season

Jun 13

Week 9 of the USFL season featured more hard-fought games with electrifying plays, with each big play carrying even more importance given the fact that every team is still in the running for a postseason bid. 

Only the Birmingham Stallions have clinched a playoff berth, doing so in large part due to the efforts of Deon Cain and Matt Hankins, both of whom made our list of highlights for the week.

Here are the top 10 plays from Week 9 of the USFL season.

10. Josh Simmons, WR, Pittsburgh Maulers

The Maulers drew first blood against the Michigan Panthers as Simmons reeled in a pass from quarterback Troy Williams in the back corner of the end zone. Simmons held onto the ball using his left arm to cradle the pass while falling to the ground after Panthers' cornerback Josh Butler nearly knocked it out. 

9. Darrell Stewart Jr., WR, New Jersey Generals

Tied up at 10 in the second quarter, Stewart Jr. readjusted his route to corral a 20-yard pass from quarterback De’Andre Johnson.

8. Deon Cain, WR, Birmingham Stallions

Quarterback Alex McGough threw a perfectly timed pass right into the hands of Cain, leading him straight into the end zone. The Stallions went up on the Houston Gamblers 16-9 early in the third quarter.

7. Vontae Diggs, LB, New Orleans Breakers

Memphis Showboats quarterback Cole Kelley tried his best to recover after a mishandled snap, but he ended up throwing the ball right into the hands of Diggs, who ran the ball into the end zone, giving the Breakers a 16-0 lead toward the end of the first quarter.

6. Trey Williams, RB, New Jersey Generals 

Even with a 14-point lead over the Philadelphia Stars, Williams did not let up as he raced past several defenders before finding a hole up the left side of the field and diving over the pylon for a Generals touchdown.

5. Braedon Bowman, TE, New Jersey Generals

The Generals brought a little trickery to the play, snapping the ball to running back Trey Williams, who hit Bowman in the end zone with a quick jump pass. The third-and-goal conversion and score put the Generals up by six in the second quarter.

4.  AJ Richardson, WR, Michigan Panthers

With Maulers safety Eli Walker right on his hip, Richardson pulled down a 40-yard pass from quarterback Josh Love. With arms wrapped around Walker, the wide receiver was able to retain control of the ball during this wild sideline catch.

3. Jarey Elder, S, New Orleans Breakers

After fielding a punt return, Walker found room to run and hurdled his way over a defender into Memphis Showboats' territory.

2. Matt Hankins, CB, Birmingham Stallions

Feeling the heat from the Stallions defense, scrambling quarterback Kenji Bahar lost the ball right into the hands of Hankins, who easily ran the ball into the end zone. The costly mistake in the fourth quarter allowed Birmingham to keep the lead ultimately giving them the win, 38-15.

1. Cam Echols-Luper, WR, New Jersey Generals

Echols-Luper had the best play of the week, scoring a touchdown off the opening kickoff against the Philadelphia Stars. The 85-yard return set the stage for a tough battle with the Stars which saw the Generals emerge as the victor.