USFL: Maulers and Generals receive 'best friend forever' bracelets

USFL: Maulers and Generals receive 'best friend forever' bracelets

Jun 5

Friendship bracelets, anyone?

Last week, the Canton Hub got sentimental when it gifted several USFL players from the New Jersey Generals and Pittsburgh Maulers friendship bracelets to wear. 

The bracelets were a hit with the players based on a few of their reactions.

Take Maulers defensive tackle Will Miles, who exclaimed "awww that's so cute!" as he approached the camera to receive his. Fellow Maulers DT Boogie Roberts loved his as well, and showed his appreciation for it by wrapping it around his wrist immediately before giving it a loving kiss. 

Generals' corner Meiko Dotson said he'd keep the bracelet forever, while his teammate Brandon Haskin called his staff "the best" for their thoughtful gesture.

But how many players actually held on to the presents they seemed to be so grateful for?

Maulers QB Troy Williams explained that he was letting his bracelet dry after it braced the elements when confronted the next day. His excuse received a six out of 10 grade from the team's staff. Sheldrick Kirk and Tre Walker were the only two men who kept it close to home from Pittsburgh, as both were shown wearing them around their ankles. As for the rest of their teammates, showering, discomfort and breaking the bracelet during practice were other "excuses" given for their disappearances. 

On the Generals' side, Haskin doubled down on his prior fondness, flashing his new jewelry while a smile. Several other Generals had the new hardware with them as well, including running backs Darius Victor and Kingston Davis, center Evan Heim, tight end Wes Saxton and linebacker Mike Bell Jr., who sang the Spongebob "BFF" song when showing his.

So for future reference, if you're ever thinking of sending your favorite player a token of your appreciation, you'll know who you can trust to take pristine care of it.