USFL reveals team nominees for Sportsman of the Year

USFL reveals team nominees for Sportsman of the Year

Jun 23

CANTON, Ohio — The USFL has announced the eight nominees for the 2023 Sportsman of the Year. One of the USFL’s most prestigious honors, the award is presented annually to recognize one player’s commitment to community service off the field and excellence on the field.

In 2022, Philadelphia Stars running back Matt Colburn II received the inaugural award for his support to the USFL’s host community in Birmingham while leading his team to the playoffs.

"One of our pillars in the USFL family is for us to be committed to serving the passions of our fans on the field while at the same time finding our passion for service in our communities off the field," said Daryl Johnston, President of Football Operations. "By engaging with local partners and charities in our four USFL hub cities, our players and coaches generated meaningful impacts in these communities throughout the season. This is part of our mission for the USFL’s long-term success in our home markets, and we’re very proud of the eight men selected by their peers. Not only are they outstanding football players, but they also helped lift up our host communities this season in Birmingham, Memphis, Canton, and greater Detroit."

The 2023 USFL Sportsman of the Year will be selected from eight nominees selected by their own teammates. 

These eight nominees primarily engaged in youth outreach, but also invested time supporting other community causes ranging from thanking military veterans and law enforcement, working in food banks, raising awareness for pet adoption, and more.

Serving the Birmingham community:

Serving the Memphis community:

Serving the Canton community:

Serving the greater Detroit community:

The 2023 USFL Sportsman of the Year will be announced on Friday, June 30, in Canton the day before the USFL Championship Game.