USFL Week 2 Top Plays: Birmingham shines, Houston excites

USFL Week 2 Top Plays: Birmingham shines, Houston excites

Apr 25

Week 2 of the 2023 USFL season featured its fair share of compelling games and must-see plays in both tightly contested games and blowouts. For starters, the Birmingham Stallions' 42-2 trouncing of the Memphis Showboats produced highlights both on the ground, in the air, and with the camera.

On the other hand, there were moments in the Houston Gamblers' 38-31 loss to the New Orleans Breakers that had close to nothing to do with the game.

In the aftermath of Week 2, the casts of "Undisputed" and "First Things First" gave their takes on the top plays — and moments — of the weekend.

Best Run: ZaQuandre White, RB, Birmingham Stallions

Already up 21-0 in the third quarter, White continued to build the Stallions' lead with a 35-yard touchdown run that saw him break a series of tackles. It was one of two touchdowns on the day for White.

Shannon Sharpe on the run: "Bring your legs, defender. You gotta wrap up … Great balance, into the end zone he go."

Skip Bayless on the run: "That was pretty shoddy tackling, I must admit, but this kid goes 215, and he ran with a good power base, and he ran right through him [the defender]."

Best Catch: Sage Surratt, TE, New Orleans Breakers

On third-and-5, quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson threw a jump ball to the back corner of the end zone, and Surratt went up and snatched it. The touchdown reception evened up the score at 17 apiece. 

Shannon Sharpe on the catch: "I'll take it from you. I just wanted it more than you. Great play, quarterback gives him an opportunity, he elevates, high-points the ball, both feet down in the end zone, great catch, great throw. I just wanted it more than you, so I took it."

Skip Bayless on the catch: "My pet peeve: if the DB just turns his head to find the football, he at least breaks up the pass, if not he might have pulled it down himself."

Best Athletic Play: Justin Hall, WR, Houston Gamblers

The Gamblers lost a one-score game, but Hall produced an early candidate for play of the season. Down one score midway through the fourth quarter, Hall hurdled a defender after picking up a first down, which helped him get to the 1-yard line. It was one of eight catches on the day for Hall, who also finished with 110 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Shannon Sharpe on the play: "Son, head up, you gotta see what you gonna tackle, you adjust your head, your head down, eyes down, the man's over the top of you."

Skip Bayless on the play: "This kid's 5-foot-9, and he went airborne. Loved it."

Best Camera Angle: John Mitchell, TE, Memphis Showboats

The USFL is giving fans close-up shots of the action. Early in the first half of the Showboats' loss to the Stallions, a helmet shot of Mitchell's first-down reception was provided.

Chris Broussard on the camera angle: "[I] love the helmet cam … It just shows you the brutality."

Kevin Wildes on the camera angle: "I was gonna say 'grace."

Best Viral Moment: Manny Bunch, S, Houston Gamblers

Midway through Houston's matchup against New Orleans, Bunch had an equipment malfunction, as both of his cleats rendered useless. Did this contribute to the 38-31 Houston loss? That cannot be confirmed, but it's a situation to keep tabs on.

Nick Wright on the viral moment: "That's on the shoemaker. When it's one shoe, that can happen."

Kevin Wildes on the viral moment: "Should I go to the next level? You tell me. I'm so powerful and fast, I blow out my Nikes."