USFL Week 5 highlights: Memphis Showboats beat New Orleans Breakers

There's one game remaining in Week 5 of the USFL, and we've got you covered with all the action from Sunday's finale as we celebrate reaching the midway mark of the 2023 season!

Closing things out on FOX, the Memphis Showboats (1-3) are facing the undefeated New Orleans Breakers in Birmingham, Alabama.

Earlier in Detroit, the Philadelphia Stars (2-3) defeated the New Jersey Generals (2-3) at the buzzer, making a 55-yard field goal to win 24-21.

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Here are the top moments!

Memphis Showboats vs. New Orleans Breakers 

Setting the tone on defense

Jeremiah Valoaga came up with the big third-down sack to get things going for the Showboats' defense.

Floater for the first down

Cole Kelley got hit as he threw the ball on 2nd-and-14. While the throw lost some zip, Kelley got enough strength on it to complete the pass to Derrick Dillon a yard in front of the first-down marker to make it a shorter distance on third down.

Kessman kicks Showboats to early lead

Alex Kessman drained a 40-yard field goal in the opening minute of the second quarter after the Showboats' 14-play drive stalled out.

Rip it out, Reaves

Greg Reaves not only sacked McLeod Bethel-Thompson, but also stripped the ball out of his hand to give the Showboats good field position. 

Clutch Clarke

Nevelle Clarke stepped up and got in front of Kelley's pass to get the big interception to end the Showboats' drive.

Breaking the ball out

The Breakers forced another turnover when Kelley's 24-yard pass to Vinny Papale resulted in a fumble, giving New Orleans the ball the play after its turnover.

The turnovers keep coming

A fifth straight drive between the two teams resulted in a turnover when Kyree Woods ended up with the ball in his arms for an interception, giving the Showboats the ball back late in the first half. 

Doubling up!

Kessman made a 43-yard field goal at the end of the first half to give the Showboats a 6-0 lead.

Calling up a touchdown

FOX viewers got to listen in to the Breakers' play call on 2nd-and-goal, which was a touchdown pass to Anthony Jonesfor the game's first touchdown.

Keep kickin', Kessman

It's been a big day for kickers in the USFL. Following Luis Aguilar's record-setting eight field goals in the first game, Kessman showed off in the second game. He made his third field goal, a 50-yarder, to put the Showboats back up, 9-7, in the third quarter.

Showing off into the lead

The Showboats put the Breakers' perfect season on the ropes late in the fourth when John Mitchell broke open in the end zone to haul in a touchdown grab from Kelley.

The touchdown put the Showboats up 15-10. To ensure a seven-point lead, Memphis went for a 2-point conversion and got it when Juwan Washington caught a floater from Kelley to take a 17-10 lead with 2:16 left.